Want to know the closely guarded secret when it comes to price?

The buyer decides if the price you charge is acceptable by determining the benefits they’ll receive. Follow this to the letter and you can quickly and easily dominate your market.

In fact, you’ll not only dominate, but you can charge double what your competition charges and still be viewed as the best deal around.
That’s because prospects don’t buy based on price.

They buy based on value. The more value you add, the more you can charge and the more the prospect perceives they’re getting the best deal.

The key is to implement a series of proven and tested value-add strategies that position your product or service as offering the best deal… despite the fact that you charge double or triple what your competition charges.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Did you know there are a multitude of pricing strategies that can
dramatically increase your bottom line?

For instance, we recently discovered a pricing strategy that allowed one of our clients that sold a product for $39.95 to instantly DOUBLE their price.

Although this is a 100% increase in price, when we tested this strategy it only decreased their customer order rate by 17% versus offering the product at the original $39.95 price point. Do you realize that’s a 75% increase in gross revenue… just for applying one simple strategy that didn’t cost this business owner a thing.
Business Pricing Strategy – How would you like a 75% overnight increase in your total?

What if we could give you an entire array of business pricing strategies that would forever remove price from your prospects decision making process?

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