Business Technology Management, Inc. was founded by EJ Joier in 2007, with the objective of providing enterprise-level technology management for start-ups. As an experienced consulting and strategic planning firm, Business Technology Management, Inc. offers a more personal approach to emerging leaders who have big ideas; but perhaps don’t have the experience to bring those ideas to fruition in this digital age.

Through our associations with strategic partners and global alliances, we are able to extend the range of the services we offer to include web development, finance, business planning, and digital marketing and sales. As experts in online business development Business Technology Management, Inc.’s holding includes dozens of ready-made online businesses for sale or partnership.

Our mission

  • Economic independence through entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and education.
  • Applying our experiences & research into a range of models, methodologies and approaches to create success formula for businesses.
  • Job creation through start-ups, business growth & sustainability.
  • Leverage Leadership & QEAS (qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills) for developing companies.
  • Innovative services and products for educators, individuals, businesses and organizations

From developing your ideas to structuring your sales strategy, our targeted support will challenge and guide you to success.

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