We pride ourselves on quality based business consulting processes, using leading techniques across all of our services in order to maximize outcomes and results for our clients. We utilize the tools, frameworks and resources that will get the most out of your business and ensure that the project stays on track to deliver the results that you’re looking for.

While each business and consulting project is unique, our years of experience have led to the development of processes which deliver the perfect balance between flexibility to meet your needs, and suitable theory based structure to provide the required level of formality in the consulting process.


A typical business consulting project will contain many of the following steps.


This stage is about understanding your business, the industry you operate in and your customers. During the ‘Discover’ stage, we work closely with you to gain detailed insights to ensure that we truly understand the current position of your business. We then undertake further analysis and a market review to understand the landscape in which your business operates. The extent and scope of this stage is highly dependent on the business and type of consulting project.


In the first consulting session, we will engage with your business to determine your needs and desired future direction. This stage is focused on establishing a vision for your business or specific area of interest for the consulting, along with tangible objectives that will help to achieve that vision. During this session we discuss the findings from the initial ‘Discover’ stage, in order to solidify your current state and set the strategic direction. It is within this stage that we also develop project goals, time-frames and milestones, and compile these into a detailed project action plan that is specific to your business needs.


This stage forms the majority of the consulting project process. We will work with you to develop strategies, tactics and actions that are relevant to your business’ requirements. We work through various topics and focus areas either during one single session, or across multiple consulting sessions, depending on your needs and the size and scale of the project. This is a sequential process, in which each topic can build upon previous ones, or form another piece of the puzzle, in order to deliver a comprehensive consulting program. Once all consulting sessions are completed, we will develop the relevant document or plan for your business to achieve your objectives as set out in the ‘Engage’ stage.


This stage sees the delivery of your consulting outcomes. This usually takes the form of a plan, brief or document containing a range of strategies, tactics and action items. During this stage, we can present the recommendations to your director or board if required, to assist with transitioning the strategies into your business. We focus on delivering documents that are in a format that is useful and digestible to your business and we can provide various supporting documentation and materials if and when required.


After the consulting is completed and the outcomes are delivered, our job is not yet over.We allow time for you to review the documents provided in detail, ensuring that they truly align with your business objectives. We then touch base with you at regular intervals after the consulting is complete, to ensure you are on track for the implementation of your strategies and tactics. We are also available to assist you further with implementation if required. In many cases, our clients like to establish an ongoing consulting arrangement, requiring formal consulting sessions on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, and providing ongoing assistance with strategic direction or implementation of the plan.

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